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AccountExec is a new service from Fundy Hosting that gives you the power to organize domains into folders you define, and then delegate tasks to the "executives" you choose. Best of all, you maintain complete control - your password is always safe and protected.


img number 1AccountExec lets you appoint different executives, assign individual roles or tasks, group your executives and domains and more. How does it work? Simple! Create folders of domains, as many as you like. Add any number of domains to a single folder... even include domains in more than one folder. Your AccountExec can then perform updates to that entire folder at any time. It's easy!

img number 2Choose the person or persons you want to manage any or all of your resources. We'll send them an email invitation to become your newest AccountExec.


img number 3As soon as your AccountExecs accept their invitation, assign them roles within the domain folders you created. Each role defines what your AccountExec can or cannot do.


AccountExec Roles

  • Read Only - Your AccountExec can view entrusted domains, but cannot make modifications.
  • Admin - Your AccountExec can assume all defined roles defined for the entrusted resources.
  • Contacts - Your AccountExec can modify contact information for the entrusted domains as well as email forwarding for third level .NAME domains and Nexus information for .US domains.
  • Nameservers - Your AccountExec can modify nameserver information for the entrusted domains.
  • Auto Renew - Your AccountExec can set whether or not entrusted domains auto renew upon expiration.
  • Cancel - Your AccountExec can cancel the entrusted domains.
  • Hosts - Your AccountExec can manage hosts for the entrusted domains.
  • domain Forwarding - Your AccountExec can manage domain forwarding settings for the entrusted domains.