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packet switching
Packet switching breaks data into smaller packets before transfer and then reassembles it at the final destination.
parked page
A parked page is a temporary Web page used before the domain name's website or hosting is active. There is no penalty for parking a domain name.
Parking inactivates a domain name. Parked domain names display a temporary Web page.
Perl, or Practical Extraction and Reporting Language, is a script that processes text.
A permalink links to a specific article in the archives of a blog. The link remains valid even after the article is no longer listed on the front page of the blog.
Phishing is a form of Internet fraud used to steal personal and payment information. To avoid phishing, be sure a Web page is secure before making a payment or submitting valuable information to a website. A secured site's address begins with "https." Secured sites encrypt exchanged data to prevent unauthorized data capture.
A ping, or Packet Internet Groper, determines if another computer is currently connected to the Internet.
A podcast is an audio or video production posted to a Web page. Podcasts allow users to subscribe to a feed and receive new files automatically.
Pop3 server
A POP3 server connects email clients like Outlook and Apple Mail with mail servers.
A post is an entry posted to a blog. It includes an individual article, or an audio or video file.
power cycle
A power cycle reboots a virtual or dedicated server.
Podcasting shares audio and video files online. It often utilizes feeds for playback on mobile devices and personal computers.
primary hosted domain name
A primary hosted domain name is the main domain name on a hosting plan. It points to the hosting content root by default.
primary server
The primary server, or primary nameserver, of a domain name contains authoritative information regarding the domain name and its corresponding IP.
Propagation is the time delay required to complete a request or modification.
protected registration
Protected registration prevents most domain name transfers and domain name expiration.
RAID, or Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives, is is the simultaneous use of two or more hard disk drives to achieve higher levels of performance, dependability, and larger data volume sizes.
RAM, or Random Access of Memory, is used when performing system tasks.
real time
Real time means that the reporting or recording of events occur at the time of the event.
redemption fee
A redemption fee is a fee paid to retain an expired domain name.
redemption period
The redemption period is the time frame after domain name expiration and before the domain name is returned to the registry for re-registration. During the redemption period, the domain name can be renewed, usually by paying a redemption fee.
redemption status
A domain name in redemption status has expired but can still be renewed, often by paying a redemption fee.
The registrant is the individual or organization that registers a domain name and holds the right to use it. The registrant is the legal owner of a domain name.
A registrar provides domain name registration services to individuals and companies.
A registry is a database associating DNS information with an individual, a legal entity, or operational entity for a specific domain name extension.
remote connection
A remote connection links a modem and a network through a dial-up connection.
A reseller is a company or person with hosting and domain name capabilities provided by an ICANN-approved registrar.
Robots, or search engine robots, read text and follow links to gather information for search engine databases.
The root is the top of the DNS hierarchy. It is commonly known as the “dot”.
root server
The root server is the portion of the hosting account or server that has access privileges for all locations and documents on that computer.
RSS, or Rich Site Summary, subscribes to news sites and blogs and displays their updates on a Web page.
RSS Feed
An RSS feed provides short descriptions of Web content or articles and a link to the full version of the content.
An rTLD, or restricted top-level domain name, is a domain name extension, such as .edu, .name, and .gov, that limits registration to persons or organizations meeting specific criteria.
Ruby on Rails
Ruby on Rails is an open source Web application framework. It's written in Ruby and simplifies website development.