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mailing list software
Mailing list software distributes newsletters and updates to customers as a marketing tool.
A marquee is a scrolling line of text inserted on a Web page. It's used to draw viewer attention.
Masking a domain name keeps the original domain name in the address bar after the domain name is directed or forwarded to a different URL.
message highlighting
Message highlighting color codes email to identify email from important senders.
meta tag
A meta tag is an HTML tag containing information for search engines about a specific website. Meta tags contain keywords or phrases alerting search engines of a website's content to be included in search results for users requesting related information.
meta title
The meta title is the title for a website that is inserted with meta coding. Meta titles help search engines compile appropriate search results.
MIME, or Multipurpose Internet Email Extensions, allows users to transfer audio, video and image files through email.
mirror site
A mirror site is an exact copy of another site that balances and spreads traffic load on busy websites.
Multihoming is having multiple network addresses in one computer.
MX record
An MX record is part of a domain name's DNS. They include information on the domain name's email servers (mail servers).
A nameserver is a host or computer server containing software and data (zone files) to resolve domain names to IP numbers. domain names require a minimum of two nameservers hosted on separate networks.
news group
A news group is a USENET discussion group.
non-primary hosted domain name
A non-primary hosted domain name is any hosted domain name other than the primary. It can point to either the hosting root directory or a sub directory.
ODBC source
An ODBC source, or Open Data Base Connectivity Source, is a general communication method between a database and an application.
off-site DNS server
An off-site DNS server contains backup data that is used if the first server goes down.
operating system
An operating system shares a computer system's resources including the processor, memory, disk space, network, and bandwidth.
overage protection
Overage protection prevents over-use of a customer's hosting bandwidth.