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AAAA record
An AAAA record stores a 128-bit Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) address, which does not fit the standard A record format. For example, 2007:0db6:85a3:0000:0000:6a2e:0371:7234 is a valid 128-bit IPv6 address. It maps the host name to an address associated with a domain name and specifies that AAAA records must be processed.
admin contact
The admin contact represents a domain name registrant and domain name. This contact is authorized to initiate changes with the domain name registrar.
admin email
The admin email is the email address listed for a domain name's administrative contact. During the transfer process, the admin email receives information relevant to the completion of the transfer.
Affiliate Program
The Affiliate Program gives individuals access to an affiliate's site to provide its products or services.
aliased nameserver
An aliased nameserver is owned by a hosting provider but is aliased (or masked) to a name that you specify.
The Apache program is a popular open-source Web server. It supports Perl and PHP scripts.
An applet is a Java application that runs inside a Web page. It's independent of the operating systems where it runs.
application service provider
An application service provider offers software applications to users over the Internet from a centralized data center.
An archive displays all of a blogger's posts on one page organized by date or category.
A record
An A record is the part of the zone file that directs the domain name to a specific IP address. A records are modified routinely when users want to point their domain name to the IP assigned to their hosting account.
assisted server
An assisted server has admin capabilities managed by the hosting account that generally include additional technical support for the server.
The Microsoft® scripting language ASP, or ASP.NET, is used in building dynamic websites. Typically, sites with ASP are compatible with Windows accounts.
audio streaming
A widely used feature, audio streaming provides audio content or music on a website. It significantly increases a website's bandwidth usage.
Authentication identifies an individual, usually with a user name and password.
authorization code
The authorization code grants permission to complete a domain name transfer to the customer's new domain name provider.
auto responder
The auto responder automatically sends a brief, preprogrammed response to received emails. Most auto responders let you customize the automatic message.
The backbone is a high-speed line or series of connections that forms a major pathway inside a network.
A backorder puts a user in line to attempt capture of a domain name before it expires and is released to the market.
Most Web hosts offer backups, or copies, of data on their servers every 24 hours to prevent lost information.
Bandwidth is a site or connection's capacity to carry information. It plays an important role in how many visitors can efficiently download a site at one time.
Blog is the abbreviation for Web log. A blog represents the opinions or thoughts of the website's author, who updates it regularly for viewing by the general public.
A blogcast is a blog and a podcast merged into a single website.
A Blogger is the author of a Web log.
Blogging is the act of writing and posting to a blog.
The blogosphere is the Internet blogging community.
A blogroll is a list of links to other blogs located in a blog's sidebar.
A browser is an application used to view and work on the Internet. Popular browsers include Internet Explorer®, Mozilla®, Firefox®, and Safari™.
browser report
A browser report provides a detailed breakdown of popular Web browsers each time they visit a user's website.
business registration
Business registration provides additional information in Whois database results. Customers can post business hours and other company-specific information using the business registration page.
A CAPTCHA is an image that contains a numerical or alphabetic code. Web pages use CAPTCHAs to identify active user access to specific pages rather than spiders or programs.
carbon copy
Carbon copy is an email option that sends a second copy of each received email to the specified address.
CashParking is an online monetization system for domain names. It uses parked pages with commercial listings. Each time a visitor clicks a displayed pay-per-click ad, the domain name owner receives revenue credit.
A catch-all is an email address that receives all email for a specific domain name when the recipient is not defined. Even if the first portion of the email address is not spelled correctly, the email is delivered to the catch-all address.
certified domain
A certified domain alerts customers that a website's owner is the legal originator of a domain name. It includes a certified domain seal to display on the website's pages.
CGI is used to translate data from a Web server to Web page display or in an email. The transfer of data between the script and the server allows HTML pages to interact with other applications.
CGI bin
The CGI bin stores CGI scripts on the server.
Click-through describes the ratio of clicks on a specific advertisement or banner ad.
clustered hosting
Clustered hosting eliminates issues typical of shared hosting by providing customers with a way of handling security and balancing loads and vital site resources.
CNAME record
A CNAME record contains the name of the client's principal identifier.
Co-location is renting a secure space with reliable network connectivity in a data center while maintaining personal user equipment.
co-location center
A co-location center is a type of data center where multiple customers share networking facilities.
A commentator leaves remarks regarding a blog entry.
Comments are reader feedback to blog posts.
A cookie is a message that a Web server sends to a Web browser. The browser stores the message in a text file. The browser sends the message to the server each time it requests a page to identify users and prepare their customized logins.
country code
A country code is a two-letter abbreviation for a country. In this context, it is used after the dot in a domain name. It is often called the domain name extension.
cron job
A cron job schedules commands to be executed periodically or at a specific time in the future.
CSS, or Cascading Style Sheets, are used to describe the presentation (look and formatting) of a document written in a markup language. They are commonly used to style Web pages written in HTML and XHTML, but the language can be applied to any kind of XML document, including SVG and XUL.
custom MX record
A custom MX record is created when a user has hosting through one provider and email service through another.