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At Fundy Hosting we understand that knowledge is power and we respect the valuable work done by teachers worldwide. We have partnered with CloudAccess to offer joomla in the classroom program, we're putting the powerful joomla and WordPress content management systems into the hands of students absolutely free of charge. CMS in the Classroom is designed to help teachers incorporate joomla and WordPress into their curriculum and instruction while saving thousands of dollars in hosting and setup fees.

Read our blog about the program: Joomla! in the Classroom: Students and Instructors Finding Success with Joomla through the Platform.

Why CMS in the Classroom?

  • Teachers have a instant ready to go Platform for teaching (HTML, CSS, CMS, joomla, FTP/SFTP, Command Line, SSH, and more)  
  • Students can experiment with web development software that is used to power websites for nonprofit organizations, small businesses, enterprises, hospitals, governments, and fortune 500 companies.
  • Students can have a free application to experiment with HTML, HTML5, marketing, servers, PHP framework, and much, much more.
  • Students can develop a skill that will serve them long into their future using a CMS that powers a large amount of sites on the Internet.
  • The program is free: teachers and students will have free sites, free support, and free hosting services.

What can Fundy Hosting & help with?

  • We’ll give you up to 1500 websites for you and your students to work with
  • You (teachers and administrators) will have access to all the sites
  • You can define the period of time that you’ll need the sites (Default is 6 months)
  • We’ll host the sites absolutely free of charge
  • Teachers can contact our support team by submitting tickets or calling our offices directly
  • You and your students can have access to our daily beginner and intermediate webinars and our knowledgebase documents and videos
  • We manage 100% of the servers, the software, backups, and restores

How to Get Started

Step 1
Register Free on our nework.

Step 2
Fill out application to get joomla sites:  Apply Online Instantly

How Process works:
After you apply for your sites, a ticket will be opened under the email account you registered with.  Look in your email or login to client area to get this ticket ID.  If you do not get a ticket ID, double check with our office. We need this ticket ID to process your order.  When we complete setting up your sites; we will update this ticket confirming we completed the joomla site setup.  When the joomla site setup is complete, you will see every site listed in your client area. You can gain access to and manage all these sites from a single control panel.  We will provide you with a single CSV file with yourjoomla Admin URL, User, and Pass. Expect to see this text file included when we reply to the ticket confirming we completed your site setup. We automically give you 6 months free on each school site you get.  If you need more time then 6 months, you will be required to open a ticket requesting a extension on your sites.  The sites auto expire after 6 months.  All data will be removed from our servers.  

Terms of using our free joomla School Site Program

I understand that at the end of this trial period that I will be asked to provide a one page testimonial or case study of this project to be placed on file with which may be made public in the future in order to encourage other joomla! in the Classroom participants.

Other Items we would like to see:

  1. Photos of the Kids Learning joomla in the Classroom - Group Photos are great. Make a joomla Banner or do something to inspire other classrooms to join the fun.
  2. Short Video Testimonials of the kids/teacher stating how joomla helped them (Cell Phone Video is fine)
  3. One page case study of how joomla! became a part of your course(s)

When the class is complete, please package your work and email it to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or go back into client area and update the original ticket.

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