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The theme of this joomla's release is "Do more with joomla!". Yeap, you've heard it right, but you may question that we always have more things to play with each and every new joomla release. In this release, the joomla community will take it to the next level to empower the users, so that they can actually 'Do more' with their joomla websites.

There are 5 new main features in joomla 3.3:

Fortified joomla Security
From now on, the security standard of joomla is even higher by requiring at least PHP version 5.3.10 to install joomla 3.3. This requirement will help strengthen the security with better 2-Factor Authentication, stronger password encryption and fewer PHP security holes.

SEO Microdata
Microdata library will be included in the joomla 3.3 release. With help from the library, search engines will be your friends, not enemies anymore. You can enhance the web content with many useful data relating people, products, places, reviews, events etc. joomla 3.3 will be the smart choice for doing content marketing with SEO friendly data.

Cloud Storage APIs
Popular Cloud storage providers such as Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace and Dropbox will be accessed in joomla 3.3. The new Cloud Storage APIs maximize the usage of your cloud data subscriptions by connecting them with the joomla core. It is killing two birds with one stone.

Front end Modules Editing
Content collaborations is even easier with joomla 3.3, admins can allow user to access particular content or modules based on the new user permissions. Also, users can do the front end editing without digging deep into the back end of the site. With joomla 3.3, you can easily manage the content contributing process and help collaborators deliver more.

Only JQuery
From joomla 3.3 onward, a jQuery library is now included in the CMS core, and joomla core will be jQuery only. All Mootools code instances will be converted to use jQuery. With this implementation, different developers will use the same jQuery library, so the code conflicts between their extensions will be reduced. We expect the joomla powered site will be developed with fewer conflicts, faster, and safer.

What's new in joomla 3.3 - An infographic by the team at


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